Women over 40

FREE Guide: 5 Things our Most Successful Clients are doing to lose weight (without dieting), and to become stronger, healthier and happier 

At Ascend Fitness + Lifestyle we work with so many women in their 40s (and 50s and 60s, and even 20s and 30s) who struggle with low energy, weight gain around the belly, uncontrolled weight gain, sugar cravings, feeling ‘hangry’ if they don’t eat every 3 hours, decreased strength, fatigue and simply not feeling good.  

It doesn’t have to be that way! Yes, bodies change. Yes, hormones change. But you CAN STILL ENJOY VIBRANT HEALTH, confidence, energy, feeling good in your clothes and be in control of your health. 

Let me show you how...  

In this free guide you will discover:

  • The most important nutritional principle to help you drop a dress size, boost your energy levels and simply feel better
  • The #1 type of exercise that you must do to keep your metabolism revved up through menopause 
  • The most common nutrient deficiency in North America (find out if you are deficient!)


3 Day Whole Foods Meal Plan that you can start TODAY 


Hi! I'm Tanja Shaw, owner of Ascend Fitness + Lifestyle and Nutritional Therapy Practitioner. 

 While I do have some ‘letters’ after my name, I’m really just focused on helping YOU create a shift so that you can get back to feeling GOOD. I created this guide, specifically for women over 40, so that you can take action and become a healthier, fitter, more confident version of yourself. 

I hope you enjoy!  

Tanja X