Want off the over-eating Merry-Go-Round?

It always feels the same: Commit to changing your body. Put in a ton of effort. Feel the pressure of the newest eating plan or workout regime.  

Eat to numb feelings of stress or anger or sadness after a hard day. Feel guilt about emotional eating. Numb the guilt with more food. Get “back on track” with a vengeance. Harder workouts. More food restrictions and rules.

More stress. More urgency. All of this leads to even more emotional eating.

It’s frustrating. It's disheartening. It's painful. But what if there's another way

What if it’s possible to work with your emotions and your body instead of against them?  

What if it’s possible to let go of the forcing, and change your body at a sustainable pace, all while enjoying the journey?


In just 7 weeks you'll...

  • Be able to finish a long day of work stress, family stress and busyness without needing Reese Peanut Butter Cups or Doritos to unwind
  • End the struggle with food so changing your body feels simpler and more enjoyable
  • Stay on track with your goals, even when life gets hard
  • Get your emotions on your side so they don't send you running to the refrigerator to make them go away
  • Gain momentum on your health and fitness journey - getting off the merry-go-round of weight loss followed by self-sabotage


Kayla Van Egdom has been a personal trainer at Ascend Fitness & Lifestyle for six years. She's a Mind Body Eating Coach, certified through the Institute for the Psychology of Eating, and a Precision Nutrition Coach.

She specializes in helping men and women heal challenging relationships with food and body image.

She also knows exactly what you're going through... 

Hey There!

If you've made it this far, I hope what you're reading is resonating and feels like the answer you've been looking for.

I created Food Freedom because I felt trapped in a vicious cycle of binge eating and self-loathing. I began emotional eating when I was six and struggled with this challenge for over two decades.

I knew this was a million dollar problem if I didn't change it, so I set out to gather all the solutions I could find and create a system I could use to heal my relatonship with food once and for all. I've used this program myself and for the first time, I feel peace and balance in my relationship with food. I used these tools to transform my body during the stressful quarantine of 2020. During these months, I also canceled my wedding and ended a 4+ year relationship. The skills taught in Food Freedom can help you stick to healthy routines and disciplines even in the hardest of times.

I once doubted it would happen for me, but I've built trust in myself and have become willing and able to take on the most uncomfortable situations and emotions without food. I've also helped over a dozen other men and women in this program improve their relationship to food, diminish cravings, and gain more emotional stability... all because I don't want anyone else to experience the 20+ years of heartache I endured.

I hope that if you're reading this, we'll be able to work together and change your life as well.

- Kayla



  • With the first ever online version of the program, you will have the option to be paired with a partner so for extra accountability and support.
  • You'll get 7 coached workshops led by a certified Mind Body Eating coach
  • You'll get a private Facebook group to stay in touch with other group members throughout the process
  • You have unlimited email access to your coach throughout the process - and the more you ask for help, the more you'll grow


  • Learn how to become awareness of where urges and cravings come from
  • Discover how to use emotions as guideposts - uncomfortable emotions such as sadness, anger, stress and shame will be covered in depth
  • Get a five-step process to help you work through any emotion. You can use this process anywhere, anytime
  • Gain and practice specific skills that will help you manage your state so you remain balanced and grounded throughout everyday life


  • Your weight, your body, or your unhealthy relationhip to food are not the problem. They are a symptom of a what's happening on a deeper level. In Food Freedom, we take things a level deeper and focus on solving for:
  • Perfectionism
  • Self-criticism
  • Weak Boundaries
  • Lack of Awareness
  • Unbalanced emotions
  • When you solve the root of these problems, eating habits and body concerns start to take care of themselves

See past Food Freedom participants share their stories of transformation:


Our first ever online Food Freedom will start April 14th and run until May 26th.

Classes will be Wednesday evenings at 5:00 PM (60 minute sessions - via Zoom).

Our online version of the program is $199 for the 7 weeks. Regular pricing is $399, so you save 50%.


Important Note: This is not a group counselling session. You will be getting tools, skills, and coaching that will help with emotional regulation, but it is not counselling. For a deeper dive into specific situations requiring counselling, we have an amazing referral network of qualified counsellors that we will happily share with you if you'e looking for this kind of assistance.