7 weeks to a peaceful relationship with food  

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Do you sometimes feel like your own worst enemy?

Are you motivated and knowledgable about what to do when it comes to reaching your health and fitness goals, only to find your best-laid plans derailed by emotional eating or self-sabotage?

Have tried countless diet and exercise plans, but still find yourself trapped by unwanted eating habits?

Are you exhausted by the on-again-off again diet and weight loss roller coaster ride?

Do you identify as an emotional or binge eater?

You're not alone. And we have exactly what you need. 

The reality is this: you won't be able to say no to emotional eating until you discover what makes you say yes. Leave behind the pressure and futility of the next diet plan and join a certified Mind Body Eating coach on a journey to your healthiest self.

Learn more about Food Freedom for one of our 2018 participants.

Pat shares her experience with this transformational program.

She explains how this was different from any other program she's tried in the past. Even year later, she's still applying some of concepts from this program on a regular basis.

Note: Since the creation of this video, some dates and times have been changed. Read on for clarification on start date and workshop day and time.

In Food Freedom, you will..... Uncover the true cause of your eating challenges Learn simple action steps to help you stop emotional eating before it even starts Release fears about food, emotions, and self Learn how to make healthy, nourishing food choices that don't feel restrictive Increase feelings of well-being, stability, and confidence Gain support from a Mind Body Eating coach and other participants who know exactly what you're through  


We have been in business in Chilliwack since 2007 and have helped 100s of everyday people just like you regain health, confidence, and the belief that there is hope for them. We've worked with countless chronic dieters and emotional eaters, helping them build eating habits they can sustain for life that feel pleasurable rather than restrictive.

We are not a gym... we are a private training facility that strives to provide its clients with the tools and confidence to undergo life changing transformations! Every time you enter Ascend, you will be working with one of our highly skilled coaches to make sure you're taking the path to your new lifestyle that best fits your needs... no more guessing what to do!  

We lay out the proven plan, all you have to do is show up and follow it! It's how so many of our members now have success stories... they trusted us and we delivered!

To find out if this program is right for you, click below to book your complimentary discovery call with Kayla. In this call, any questions you have will be answered, and we'll dive into your challenges with food and emotions.


Here's What you Get:

  • 7 one-hour sessions with a certified personal trainer and Mind Body Eating coach.
  • Success binder, which will include handouts, journaling exercises and practical applications to help you heal emotional eating and blocked emotions.
  • An exploration of how to find the wisdom in every emotion. Specific segments on anger, fear, sadness, stress, and shame will be included.
  • The support of other men and women on the same journey as you - the realization that you are not alone in this struggle! 
  • One 30 minute private session to discuss your particular challenges with food and emotions.
  • Private Facebook group with support from other participants and coach.
  • Weekly challenges, which will give participants a daily focus for each week.
  • Unlimited email coaching for the seven weeks!

SPOTS ARE LIMITED >> Food Freedom will be starting on March 30, 2020 on Monday evenings at 6:30 PM. Given the powerful and deeply personal nature of this workshop, we keep enrolment limited to 6 spots,

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Meet your Coach:

Food Freedom is led by Kayla Van Egdom. Kayla has been a health coach and certified Mind Body Eating specialist at Ascend for five years. She spent most of her life as an emotional eater, someone who started using food to numb out at a young age. She's spent the last decade discovering how to heal this challenge. Using the tools from Food Freedom, she has freed herself from emotional eating and has created peace and confidence in her own health and fitness journey. Her biggest passion at Ascend is helping other men and women move forwards and heal their own urges to eat instead of feel.