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Presented by Tanja Shaw, Certified High Performance Coach, Nutritonal Therapy Practitioner and owner of Ascend Fitness + Lifestyle. 

Discover the 4 Steps the Women I Work with Follow to Master Sustainable Fat Loss... Naturally 

 Without dieting, deprivation, complicated meal plans, feeling intimidated at big box gyms or and relying on willpower

The on-again-off-again, weight gain-weight loss, "start again on Monday" cycle is exhausting. There is another way.



In this 50 minute training you'll discover...

  • The 4- Step process my clients follow to get the body and life they want (and deserve) without dieting. 
  • The workouts my clients do to trim and tone their body (without spending hours at the gym!)
  • The unexpected secret (that takes absolutely no extra time) to FINALLY get off the dieting rollercoaster and achieve permanent results
  • The #1 reason women aren't seeing the fat loss results they desire...and the best part is IT’S NOT THEIR FAULT
  • The biggest MISTAKE most people over 40 make when trying to get back into shape. 

Tanja Shaw is a sought-after health, fitness and lifestyle coach, keynote speaker, and the founder of Ascend Fitness + Lifestyle, and The Whole You Transformation Project® . She’s best known for helping transform the health and fitness of 100's of men and women through her powerful holistic focused health, fitness and nutirition programs at Ascend Fitness + Lifestyle. Tanja pulls her wisdom from over 12 years experience working in the health and fitness industry as a Kinesiologist, Nutrition Therapy Practioner and High Permformance Coach. She has created a successful online brand with the Whole You Transformation Project and continues to stay connected with the local community as a feature writer for the Chilliwack Progress as well as offering Educational Workshops. Now, she’s pulling back the curtains to share exactly how you can live your best life in a mind and body you love!

You're in the Right Place if You are...

  • Exhausted with the on-again-off-again roller coaster ride and never again want to tell your family that you're going on another 'diet'
  • Overwhelmed with all the conflicting information 
  • Want to stop FIGHTING your body and relying on willpower to fight cravings
  • Fully aware of what you should do to get results... you're just not doing it

If you're ready to ditch dieting and get the body and life you love (and deserve!) this free training is for you.