8 Weeks of Research-based fitness to improve your brain health, mobility, strength and endurance

Based on the Changing Parkinsons Course through NeuroFit BC 

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Brain + Body Power, offered by Ascend Fitness + Lifestyle, combines fitness to strengthen your body AND strengthen your brain health. The exercises include non-contact boxing. The class is lead by supportive and knowledgable Kinesiologists and Medical Exercise Specialists in a welcoming, non-intimidating community.  

Based on the Changing Parkinson's course through NeuroFit BC, Brain + Body Power is ideal for people who are fighting Parkinson's, other neurological conditions, and older adults who wish to improve their overall health. We help each person improve their: 

  • Balance and coordination 
  • Mobilty 
  • Overall strength and posture 
  • Endurance


 We often think of the body benefits of fitness: weight loss, ability to thrive in life, increased energy, and a lower risk of heart diease and other lifestyle diseases. Exercise does more than improve your body: it keeps your brain sharp.  

Exercise stimulates brain plasticity by stimulating new connectons and nerve pathways. Exercise has also been linked to an increase of cell growth in the hippocampus (the memory and learning area of the brain).  

Research supports exercise as a means to manage symptoms, mitigating progresson of chronic neurological conditions.  


Sessions start at 11am for 45 minutes on Wednesdays for 8 weeks starting Wednesday, September 27th. All fitness levels are welcome. Participants with Parkinson's or other neurogical conditions need to be assessed by a Physiotherapist prior to starting - 6 spaces available. $160 + GST for 8 weeks. 

Who is Ascend Fitness?  

We have been in business in Chilliwack since 2007 and have helped 100s of everyday people just like you get back into a fitness routine (or start one for the first time), improve their daily function, and embrace their ability to move.  

We are not a gym... we are a private training facility that strives to provide its' clients with the tools and confidence to undergo life changing transformations! Every time you enter Ascend, you will be working with one of our highly skilled coaches to make sure you're taking the path to your new lifestyle that best fits your needs... no more guessing what to do!  

We lay out the proven plan, all you have to do is show up and follow it! It's how so many of our members now have success stories... they trusted us and we delivered!

Here's what our clients had to say!

Ron Browne

"When I was told 3 years ago that I have Parkinson's and started taking the pills, I began feeling and functioning better! Through the Parkinson's Society of BC, I learned that exercise was imortant, too. 

My wife and I had been doing strength training for 4 years. I was assessed by Neurofit BC a year ago and began doing Parkinson's exercises in addition to strength training. I have had steady improvement in all areas listed by NeuroFit BC have been especially surprised at how it has helped my brain to function better.  

My family and friends are very pleased to see me steadily improving."