Free Training Presented by Tanja Shaw, BSc., Nutritional Therapy Practioner, Owner of Ascend Fitness + Lifestyle, Founder of the Whole YOU Transformation 

How my Clients over 40 are Losing Weight Naturally(and keeping it off) 

NO dieting, pills, potions, counting points, tracking calories, deprivition, or hours at the gym!


At Ascend Fitness: Monday October 15, 6:45PM Online: Tuesday October 16, 1PM

In this 60 minute training you'll discover...

  • The 4 secrets my most successful clients embody to lose the weight and keep it off
  • The step-by-step process to break the cycle of rollercoaster dieting and find a more natural relationship with food
  • The little known barriers that get in the way of reaching goals
  • Why, before starting with me, many of my clients have not been able to keep the weight off (and it has nothing to do with lack of willpower!)
  • Actionable steps you can start today to begin living your best life
  • Simple tools and practises to help you show up for all that life has to offer

Training Format Options

OPTION ONE -Join us for an in house workshop at Ascend Fitness + Lifestyle on Monday October 15th, at 6:45PM 

OPTION TWO -Join us for an online training webinar on Tuesday October 16th, at 1PM

Tanja Shaw is a sought-after health, fitness and lifestyle coach, keynote speaker, and the founder of Ascend Fitness + Lifestyle, and The Whole You Transformation Project® .  

She’s best known for helping transform the health and fitness of 100's of men and women through her powerful holistic focused health, fitness and nutirition programs at Ascend Fitness + Lifestyle.  

Tanja pulls her wisdom from over 12 years experience working in the health and fitness industry as a Kinesiologist, Nutrition Therapy Practioner and High Permformance Coach. She has created a successful online brand with the Whole You Transformation Project and continues to stay connected with the local community as a feature writer for the Chilliwack Progress as well as offering Educational Workshops. 

Now, she’s pulling back the curtains to share exactly how you can live your best life in a mind and body you love!

You're in the Right Place if You are...

  • Exhausted with the on-again-off-again roller coaster ride and are ready to make a permanent change
  • Overwhelmed with all the conflicting information out there on how to live a healthy lifestyle
  • Want MORE out of the life you’ve been given but don’t know how to get it
  • Stuck or don't know where to start when it comes to your health and fitness
  • Struggle to make yourself a priority